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Stamina Cups

Active Cup

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The best starter cup for an active lifestyle!

Easy, Comfortable, Collapsible

Active Cup is the easiest to use and most comfortable cup for newbies and experienced users! Its petite shape, leak-proof double rim, and easy grip handle make periods a breeze from start to finish. It even collapses into a case the size of a lip balm. Made of ultra-smooth medical grade silicone, you won’t feel a thing while it collects your menstrual flow for up to 12 hours of environmentally friendly protection.

How To

Before first use and between every period, we recommend boiling the cup for 5-8 minutes to sterilize it.

ACTIVE CUP is used the same way as the other menstrual cups. All you have to do is fold the cup (we recommend the half-V, aka punch down fold). Hold the folded cup tightly, and insert the pointed end into the vagina. Gently slide the cup in until it is completely inside the vagina - including the handle. Then just squeeze the body of the cup to make the rim pop open to form a gentle, leak-proof seal with the vaginal walls. You should feel the rim open, but you should make sure it is fully open by sliding along the rim to feel for bumps/dents – which mean the rim is not fully open.

To remove the cup, simply squeeze the body of the cup to break the seal (the rim moves and breaks the seal). Then gently slide out. Always make sure to break the seal before you remove. Then just rinse and reinsert.