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Stamina Cups

Freedom Cup

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Who says you cannot have fun while menstruating?

Duo functional design turning menstrual sex from a hassle to pleasure!

Freedom Cup speaks for itself. Not only it is specially designed for use during sex while menstruating, but also it increases sensorial satisfaction for the male partner during intercourse, with the unique round raised touch points on the external side of the cup. This exclusive flat-fit triple rim design allows Freedom Cup to be pushed further up towards the cervix, enabling both partners to enjoy the ultimate pleasure.

Made of ultra-smooth, medical grade silicone, this ultra-safe cup collects menstrual flow for up to 12 hours without compromising comfort and sensorial pleasure.

How To

Before first use and between every period, we recommend boiling the cup for 5-8 minutes to sterilize it.

FREEDOM CUP is used slightly different to other menstrual cups. To insert, all you have to do is fold the cup, by squeezing the sides of the rim together to form a figure 8. Hold the folded cup tightly and insert the back rim of the cup first and use your index finger to push the cup as far inside as comfortable. Angle the cup back and slightly down so the rim moves behind your cervix. Tuck the front rim behind your pelvic bone to correctly position the cup around your cervix to collect your flow.

To remove the cup, simply relax your body, insert your finger and hook it behind the front rim of the cup. Gently pull the cup out while keeping it horizontal to avoid spillage. Then just rinse and reinsert.